Facebook snooping by government departments

  • These days, just about everyone knows Facebook wants to collect our personal data. But the social media giant isn’t the only entity using the Internet to learn more about you. Law enforcement officials, prospective employers, insurance companies and more have all taken advantage of people’s publicly-posted information.

    And now, according to a recent report from CBS News, the Social Security Administration may start screening Facebook and Instagram posts to evaluate disability claims.  This move isn’t exactly surprising; digital snooping has rapidly become an accepted and expected part of our daily lives.

    However, experts still caution that this could have major privacy ramifications. After all, social media is not always an accurate representation of a user’s real life.  “You can’t take someone’s Facebook or other social media posts at absolute face value,” consumer privacy expert Jennifer King told CBS News. “They present an extremely narrow slice of someone’s life.” 

    For instance, disability lawyer Paul Young told CBS News about a client who had his Facebook photos used against him at a disability hearing. The photos depicted him going for a hike. However, they did not show was that he was bedridden for three days afterward. 

    As always, the moral of the story is to be careful what you post on Facebook. The content you share may seem harmless in the moment, but you never know who could scoop it up and use it against you later.

    這些日子,差不多,每個人知道臉書消費者的欲望收帳我們的個人資料。 但是社群媒體巨物不是使用網際網路學習關於您的更多的唯一實質。治安官員,未來的僱主、保險公司和更多完全地已經利用人們公然寄訊息。

    而且現在,依照哥倫比亞廣播公司新聞的一個最近的報表,社會安全局可能啟動檢查臉書和 Instagram 後段評估無行為能力賠償。 這變動不是完全令人驚訝; 偷偷地到處瞧的數位已經快速地成為一個已承兌而且期望我們的日常生活的一部份。

    然而,專家仍然警告這會有主要的隱私分枝。 畢竟,社群媒體並非總是一個一個使用者的不動產生活的準確表示法。 " 您不能在絕對的面值拿某人的臉書或者其他社群媒體後段 " ,用戶隱私專門的珍妮佛君王告訴哥倫比亞廣播公司新聞。 ”他們呈現一個某人壽命的非常窄毛片。”

    例如,無行為能力律師保羅少年的告訴哥倫比亞廣播公司新聞關於一個用戶端在一個無行為能力聽證會,假如他的臉書相片使用對抗他。 相片描述他進行情況作為一個提高。 然而,他們沒有顯示是他然後是臥床不起的三天。

    一如往常,層的教訓是成為小心的您張貼在臉書上的。 含量您股份在矩可能似乎無害,但是您不要知道誰會上揚汲取它而且稍後使用它對抗您。