Breastfeeding Benefits

  • Moms who breastfeed longer will become more attentive mothers

    Breastfeeding does not only benefit the babies, but also the mothers. A study revealed that women who breastfeed for longer will continuously become more attentive mothers up to 10 years, as reported by The Daily Mail. (Related: Breast-milk is the elixir of human life.)

    Researchers from Boise State University examined data from 1,272 families who took part in the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development’s Study of Early Child Care. They measured maternal sensitivity by the timing of a mother’s responsiveness to her child, her emotional tone, how flexible her behavior was, and her ability to recognize her child’s cues by conducting interviews and videotaping participating families in the homes until the child turned 11 years old.

    “It was surprising to us that breastfeeding duration predicted change over time in maternal sensitivity,” said Jennifer Weaver, lead author of the study.

    The study, which was published by the American Psychological Association, suggested that the time spent breastfeeding helps develop the relationship of the child and mother.

    “Ultimately, I do hope that we will see breastfeeding examined more closely as a parenting factor, not just as a health consideration, to allow us to more fully understand the role that breastfeeding plays in family life,” Weaver expressed.