English Language Learning Resources

  • Welcome to the English Language Learning resources. 歡迎使用英語學習資源。
    The English language is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and one of the most spoken languages for business on the planet. Business people who speak English have a huge advantage in tapping into the English market. It is much easier to develop all-important relationships if you can speak English. 英語是聯合國六種官方語言之一,也是地球上商務活動最常用的語言之一。 說英語的商人在打入英語市場方面具有巨大優勢。 如果您會說英語,建立起至關重要的關係會容易得多。
    How can you build your confidence? 您如何建立信心?
    1) Listen: The more English you hear, the easier it will be for you to copy what you hear. 聽:您聽到的英語越多,複製您聽到的內容就越容易。
    2) Practice: The more you speak, the more comfortable you will feel about speaking. Start with easy things. Ask questions at a store. Ask where you can find something, even if you already know. Say hello to the bus driver. Just open your mouth and talk whenever you can. 練習:您說的越多,說話的感覺就越舒適。 從簡單的事情開始。 在商店問問題。 詢問您在哪裡可以找到的東西,即使您已經知道。 向公共汽車司機打個招呼。 只要張開嘴,就可以說話。
    3) Stop worrying about making mistakes: We all make mistakes. Your message is most important. If the other person understands you, it’s not important how many mistakes you make. 不要擔心犯錯:我們都會犯錯。 您的信息是最重要的。 如果對方了解您,則您犯了多少錯誤並不重要。
    To speak confidently you need knowledge of vocabulary, sentence structure, pronunciation, and finally listening comprehension to understand the other person so you can reply. This course will teach you the basics of spoken conversational English. We use phrases to help our students to learn English conversation. The following is a breakdown of the phrase topics. 本課程將教您口語會話的基礎知識。 我們使用短語來幫助我們的學生學習英語會話。 以下是短語主題的細分。
    Languages 語言能力
    Greetings and Introductions 問候和介紹
    Emergencies 緊急情況
    Telling Time 告訴時間
    Family and relationships 家庭與人際關係
    Interests 興趣愛好
    Jobs and Employment 工作與就業
    Small Talk 短暫聊天
    Holidays 假期
    Compliments and Encouragement 表揚和鼓勵
    Good Manners 有禮貌
    Agree to Disagree 同意不同意
    The weather 天氣
    At Home 在家
    Travel 旅行
    Hotels and Accommodation 酒店及住宿
    Eating and Drinking 飲食
    Shopping 購物
    Around Town 城鎮周圍
    Leisure and Entertainment 休閒娛樂
    Health 健康
    Using the telephone 使用電話
    Writing letters and emails 寫信和電子郵件