3R's changing in numbers

  • These days, you will find many who are changing what we think of as being reduce, reuse, recycle to being a whole lot more. Reducing, reusing and recycling are important because they decrease the amount of waste on the planet and preserve natural resources by maintaining space and cutting down on landfills. Reducing, reusing and recycling reduce consumption of new materials and save energy.

    Today, you will find some a re-purposing materials into new and innovative items that they can use in their daily lives. You can re-purpose an item to be something completely different. How you choose to re-purpose an item is up to your imagination.

    I came across some wooden pallets from a local school as they were getting some solar panels installed. The pallets were going to be taken by the workers for their own thing if no one took any. These wooden pallets are being used as different objects. Some are stools and some are boxes...